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Room Zoom is an online platform that connects home seekers with like-minded people and takes the stress out of finding a roommate. This website matches potential roommates based on budget, lifestyle, and living habits. Back in 2017, I had the opportunity to help design this website and had a blast doing so. The client was super chill and I was given full control of how the website would function. This allowed me to freely play around with different colors, illustrations, and user flows.

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Approach Taken

  1. Create and design multiple variations including mobile designs.
  2. Use inVision to communicate any changes in design.
  3. Iterate design based on feedback and create final deliverables.

Responsive Design

Mobile Flows

A well thought out and responsive design is required anytime an online website goes live. The last thing you want is for you to lose out on users because the website is not mobile or tablet friendly. Therefore, I set out to create mobile friendly designs for the Room Zoom platform.

iPhone mockup


Onboarding Process

Users are prompted to answer a set of questions when they first sign up with the platform. Room Zoom instantly provides matches based on living and lifestyle preferences to ensure your next home is a happy one.

iPhone mockup


Potential Matches

Users can view a selection of potential matches based on their selected preferences. They have the ability to contact them using the messaging system.

iPhone mockup


User Profile

Check out different profile pages to get a better understanding of who you might be moving in with in the near future.

iPhone mockup



Keep track of all your messages and conversations with your potential matches. Reach out to the one that best suits you and close the deal!

Desktop Designs

A selection of the final design deliverables for the Room Zoom website. This project is fully responsive and works on any device.

Desktop flows for Room Zoom