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I had the pleasure of working with the founders of Of a Kind, which is a brand that is part of the Bed Bath & Beyond family. They were looking to create a blog that would branch from the main brand's website but focus on interesting and niche lifestyle topics. Topics include tours of perfectly imperfect homes, interviews with the best foodies around, deep-dives into the hottest trends, and chats with innovators who deliver tricks to make your day a little easier. It site also works as a medium for Bed Bath & Beyond to advertise and sell more of their products that you see in the blog posts. The goal of the blog was to have it look simple and be easy to use.

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Approach Taken

  1. Create and design multiple variations.
  2. Use inVision to communicate any changes in design.
  3. Iterate design based on feedback and create final deliverables.

The Process

Early Stages

This project was completed through multiple variations of design stages. My client wanted to make sure that the brand was in tune with what they had envisioned from the very start. It was important to make the brand pop and give it a strong identity, as it was a blog intended to reach the eyes of thousands of people.

Early logo variations

Icon exploration

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3


Design Deliverables

After a few weeks of iterations, I was able to take the feedback and design a responsive website that is both clean and effective. It is also super easy to navigate. I was able to understand the true value of building a great working relationship with your client and weathering through the high's and low's.

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